All men and women experience some hair loss each day which is normal, but there are some who have excessive loss of hair and they want to know what is causing their hair loss. Normal hair loss is usually around 50 to 100 hairs a day, but there are millions of Americans who are loosing many more. Going bald is a scary thing for many people, especially in the society that we live in, which places such a focus on appearance.

Many of us will suffer some form of excessive hair loss at some point during our life and the causes will vary. Some reasons for hair falling out can be prevented and others may not be preventable. There are many factors and reasons for hair problems, ranging from stress and hormone changes to heredity.
Men and women suffer from balding usually in different patterns. Men usually have a pattern of balding referred to as male patterned baldness. They loose hair along the front hair line and back to the crowns of their heads. Women seem to loose their hair in no particular pattern. Below is a list of some causes of hair loss:
Hormonal Changes:
Hormonal changes are some of the key factors to hair loss. Depending on hormone levels throughout the body they could actually promote hair growth or lead to excessive shedding. Hormonal changes are not only limited to women, but also affect men. Most women suffer from some type of shedding in the months following pregnancy, but it usually will stop six months following childbirth. The number one reason for men loosing their hair is usually from Androgenetic alopecia, better known as male hormone hair loss. It is very common in men, but can also affect women.

Reduced hair air caused from stress is usually only temporary. Hair loss as a result of a stressful situation usually begins around three months following the stressful situation and can last until three months after the stressful period ends. Sickness from the flu, fever or severe infections could cause stress on your body and lead to hair loss. Major surgery can cause stress on the body and can lead to hair shedding. However, majority of the time stress on the body will eventually be resolved and hair shedding will go away.
Thyroid Disease:

Those who suffer from hair reduction caused from some form of thyroid disease can usually receive treatment that would reverse hair loss. I was actually diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroid disease during pregnancy and following giving birth I had some major balding throughout my hair. After taking medication for my thyroid, my hair gradually stopped falling out and began to re-grow.
Chronic Illnesses:

Many times patients who suffer from chronic illnesses suffer from balding and the issue may not be reversible.

Ringworm of the scalp can cause the hair to fall out beginning in a small round patch and can spread.
Insufficient Diets:

People may suffer from excessive hair loss if they partake in a low protein diet, have really bad eating habits, or somehow have suffered from in adequate amounts of protein in the body. This deficiency is most noticeable by being able to pull hair out by the roots pretty easily. Re-introducing protein to ones diet could help to prevent this issue.
Iron Deficiency:
Not having the proper amount of iron in your body could potentially case your hair to fall out. A routine blood test could tell if you have insufficient iron and by taking iron pills this could be prevented. You can also eat foods and vegetable high in iron to help prevent iron deficiency. Some women have problems with iron deficiency because of heavy menstrual cycles.
Prescription Drugs:

A low percentage of people may suffer from hair reduction when using certain medications. Medications used to treat blood pressure problems, heart issues, depression, and arthritis along with excessive vitamin A may cause problems with excessive shedding.
There are several other reasons for loosing our hair including, habitual hair pulling, our immune systems fighting against hair follicles, along with our hair maintenance.

Women and men across the world suffer from some form of hair reduction during their lives. The causes of hair loss range vastly. Many times there is a treatment for hair loss, once the cause has been diagnosed. Seek medical advice if you notice your hair thinning more than normal.

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