What Is Alopecia?
Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that is designed to protect the body from foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria, which the immune system accidentally attacks on the hair follicles, the furrows of which the fur grows. May cause hair loss in hair and other places.
In Alopecia, immune system cells, called white blood cells, are attacking rapidly growing cells in hair follicles. Affected hair follicles shrink and there is a marked slowdown in hair production. Fortunately, new cells and stem cells that constantly feed the follicle do not seem to be targeted. Thus the follicle always has the potential to regenerate hair.

Who Can Get The Most?
Alopecia affects about 2 percent of all ethnic and all-age and ethnic-rooted Americans. It usually starts in childhood.If you are a family member who is close to the disease, the risk of development is slightly increased.If your family member loses his first hair patch before the age of 30, the risk to other family members is greater.
Can I Pass It On To My Children?
Alopecia may be inherited. However, many parents with alopecia do not have a parent with the disease, and the vast majority of parents with alopecia do not pass it on to their children.

Can Lost Hair Be Grown Back?
There is every chance for your hair to regenerate with or without treatment, but it can still fall. No one can predict when you can be regrow again or fall. The course of the disease may vary according to the individual Some just lose a few padded hair, then the hair will flatten again and the situation will not happen again. Other people have been losing their hair for many years.

How Is Alopecia Treated?
Sunscreens are important for the scalp, face, and all exposed areas.
Ø  Eyeglasses protect the eyes from extreme sun and from dust and debris when eyebrows or eyelashes are missing.
Ø  A wig, hat or scarf protects hair from sunlight and keeps the head warm. An ointment applied inside the nostrils keeps them moisturized and helps to protect against organisms invading the nose when nostril hair is missing.
Ø  Most effective alopecia treatment that ArganRain shampoo and Arganrain Pure Oil can be a quick way to help leave the hair thin, can help stop baldness, and help promote hair growth. To create a healthy environment in the scalp, thick, full hair growthIt feeds the hair from the root to the tip, strengthens it, thus helps prevent hair loss.
Ø  Arganrain products can help stop alopecia and help to strengthen your hair loss and regrowth will grow again. Since our products contain vitamins E at a richer level.

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