Women and hair loss causes suffer from not only fear, but also they feel less feminine. They feel that the loss of hair will causes of female hair loss, people to look at them differently. So they want to try and avoid if they can those hair loss causes. But not all of them can you avoid.
Hormones becoming off balanced may lead to hair being lost; this is a problem that both men and women will suffer from. However it is different from men when they lose their hair. Women's body may produce too many androgens. Androgens have been shown to interfere in the growth of hair.

As too much is produced in a women's body it may actually shrink the follicles and close them off. Causing the follicle to die eventually. This condition may be called alopecia. Or that was thought to be the cause for years for women and hair loss.
Now after many years of study they see that it was wrong, there are other enzymes at work in a women's body that may lead to what is now termed as simply. Women's patter losing their hair. Those enzymes may block the growth of new hair.
The problem that sees many women suffering from thinning hair is polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS. In fact many women who suffer from PCOS may have no other symptoms from that except thinning hair.
Also is the problem of alopecia areata that women may suffer from. This will cause women's hair to fall out in clump or even patches. There is a temporary condition that is medical called telogen effluvium. This can occur for women who have just given birth, or had a surgery.
Other causes of female hair loss in women can be crash dieting, and even a traumatic even that has happened in their life. Thyroids that are not working correctly can even lead to women and hair loss. Certain diseases like anemia may even contribute.
As you can see there are many causes of female hair loss for women. In order to treat that hair problem it is important that first it is found out why. Meaning that the right reason will need to be found, or a doctor will be treating your blindly.

Women and hair loss is a very upsetting thing for a female. It's hard enough to lose your hair but again it can make a women feel less female. So get checked out and find the real reason for your hair problem.

Miraculous Argan Oil for Hair 

You should Apply enough amount of Argan Oil to your wet hair and then massage gently throughout your scalp and your hair approxmimately for 1-2 minutes. After this, rinse your hair with warm water. It is suitable for daily application and also recommended to use regularly.

Exclusive Features of Argan Oil

- Pure argan oil is absorbed by hair fastly and it nourishes and moistures hair and gives shine to hair.

- Argan oil is a light oil that does not leave a greasy feel on the hair like the other oils such as olive oil etc.

- Argan oil helps to prevent hair loss.

- Argan oil is suitable for both men and women.

- In regular use, argan oil penetrates into the hair roots and strengthens them. It also helps to regain stronger and healtier hair.

- Argan oil is suitable for all hair types.

- Argan oil protects hair from dangerous UV rays and environmental factors such as pollution.

- Because of containing high quantity of Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 9 inside, hair grows faster.

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