Many people use a shampoo to wash their hair on a regular basis; nonetheless, many of those people aren't aware that this common hair care product may involve ingredients that could be harming their health. For many people, their choice of shampoo mean the low cost, brand, perceived effectiveness or even fragrance; however, a growing number of consumers are today reading the ingredients on shampoo bottles and attributing their purchasing decisions on safety.

Shampoos are usually made from a mixture of water, some form of foaming agent and a variety of other ingredients that combine to make a product that smells good, looks good and appears to do its main job of cleaning hair. But some of the ingredients that are generally used are harsh chemicals that have been shown to be potentially harmful to human health, either individually or in combination with other ingredients, and may have various health risks ranging from skin conditions to cancer.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or SLS
  • Potentially toxic or harmful to human health
  • Irritant to skin and eyes
  • May prevent proper development of children's eyes
  • Potential environmental toxin
Sodium Laureth Sulphate or SLES
  • Potentially toxic or harmful to human health
  • Skin and eye irritant
  • Regularly contaminated with Ethylene Dioxide and/or 1-4 Dioxane, both of which are extremely hazardous. They may cause cancer and reproductive problems and are toxic to most body systems.

When met with this information for the first time, consumers are often embaressed and upset; it is natural to presume that personal care products are safe for us to use. Unfortunately, this is not always the situation, and profits are the motivation for many companies. It can be said that human health and safety are not priorities for the companies that use these ingredients. These chemicals are common in use and cheap. ArganRain Hair Care Product doesn't contain any harmful chemicals and made up from natural ingredients. It is designed sensetively for your hair and scalp. Your health is important for us. Our priority is you, your health and safety. Do not choose your money instead of your health

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About ArganRain Ultra Nourishing Hair and Skin Care Products

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  1. What are the ingredients of your product?

    1. Dear Koll, Thank you for contacting us. Ingredients list as below :

      • Water (Aqua),
      • Xantham Gum,
      • Sodium N-Cocoyl-L-Glutomate,
      • Laurly Glycoside,
      • Alkyl AmidoPropil Betain,
      • HydroxyPropyl Oxidized Starch,
      • Phenoxyethanol,
      • Methylisothiazolinone,
      • C12-C13 Alkyl Lactate,
      • C12-C18 Alkyl Dimethyl,
      • Gycerly Stearate, Ceteareth- 20, Aminosiloxane,
      • Peg-40 Hco&trideceth-9,
      • ArganiaSpinosa Kernel Oil,
      • Edta,
      • Citric Acid,
      • Fragrances.

      Please continue to follow us. Your opinions are our priority. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any other information.

  2. I am really informed about the harms of sulphate but other ingredients of your shampoo, i dont know about them. i will search, thanks!

    1. Dear David, thank you for contacting us. Please continue to follow us. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  3. i am using Arganrain shampoo for 4 months and i am very satisfied:) thx

    1. Dear Nancy,

      Thank you for your feedback and kind comment.

      Please continue to follow us. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.